High-end Forums

New Alliance takes high-end forum operation as its core business, and wins reputation as industry leader for its excellent organization and management services. We provide one-stop systematic services of forum planning, platform developing, image building, communication strategy planning and implementation and tailored PR strategy leveraging our high-end platform resources. We have not only provided assistance to international organizations, governments, and media, but also forged numerous tailored and well-acclaimed high-end forums for our clients at home and abroad.

Corporate Reputation

New Alliance is committed to improving and optimizing brand images for clients, and creates an optimal communication environment for corporate reputation building. New Alliance excels at integrating China's political and economic trends to provide one-stop inclusive public relations services, including management of media relations and government relations, branding consultation, advertisement and media release. We aim to improve the awareness, credibility and reputation of the brands of our clients through accurate decision making and effective information exchange.

Branding Activities

With excellent brand activity planning ability and resource integration ability, New Alliance excels at refining core branding messages and providing insights into audience needs and customized brand activity themes, forms and processes to clients. Through the most advanced site layout and stage design, as well as specialized and strict process control and site implementation, New Alliance presents the brand activities in perfection, and consequently facilitates high quality communication of brand values, and maximizes marketing values. 

Crisis Public Relations

New Alliance demonstrates strengths in crisis public relations and public opinion management with a set of advanced mechanism of crisis public relations and public opinion management, the accuracy of understanding public opinion , and the early warning for potential reputation crisis for clients. And on top of this,

We effectively integrate the relations with government, media and the industry experts and timely mobilize the relevant resources to help our clients turn crisis into opportunities and restore reputation leveraging the accurate responding strategy and appropriate stakeholders relationships management.

Investor Relations

New Alliance has a specialized veteran team who have worked for financial media, public accounting firms, and security analysis companies. We provide investor relation services for the big or medium sized, state-owned or commercial companies running in the finance, energy and real estate industry in China. New Alliance excels at communication contents and channels management for our clients, and helps them to gain extensive awareness of brand values through open, transparent, timely and effective information exchanges with target audiences.