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Positive Values of the Age

Two decades have passed hastily since I entered the communications industry.

During this period, I had the good fortune to lead New Alliance to participate in the planning, foundation and development of BFA, which makes New Alliance in a high starting point with international perspective and civil diplomacy since the very beginning, and grows into an outstanding communications and consulting company with the core of the financial field

Nowadays, with a strong foothold in China, as well as an international perspective, New Alliance creatively integrates resources to provide such services as brand management, media communication, and crisis management to numerous well-known clients based on the further understanding of China's policy situation, economic trend and public interest, and has earned unanimous trust and praise.

In the past two decades, the communications field has changed a lot, internet has brought information explosion as well as fragmentation, and as if everything has been deconstructed. But I have always believed that the core values that human elites adhere to the heart haven't changed in the numerous sounds clamor. As disseminator, we should explore and disseminate these values and uttered the voices of the times as clear as a bell.

In order to disseminate values of the times, New Alliance, together with the most influential public figures in the internet community, investment community, and technology community at the moment, initiated the Future Forum which is a public benefit platform of "Carrying forward the human dream, and changing the world by technology", and from the forum, we can see that elites of the times are creating the new world in their own ways at a tremendous pace with great concentration and a firm and sincere aim.

Throughout the past two decades, New Alliance have shouldered important responsibilities and precipitated unique spiritual temperament by integrating oriental personality with western management thoughts:

—We value dedication and responsibility, believing that altruism is self-care and a real rich man is always willing to pay. As Kazuo Inamori said: "People should temper the mind, promote the life state, and win business success with a spirit of benefiting others."

——We advocate cooperation and sharing, and are ready to forge a symbiotic and win-win value chain with our partners and clients.

——We maintain a consistently positive and optimistic attitude towards a fine future with a solid belief that the future is better than you think quoting the book Abundance.

——A better future than today is being created by New Alliance by their own hands.

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